How do I get paid?

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In order to be paid you need to make sure all of your information is uploaded on to your Pickr profile.

  • Date of Birth

  • National Insurance number - find out why

  • A verified ID photo

  • Bank details of your chosen bank account

After that, payment works through an automated process online:

Get hired - Work your shift - Clock you hours - Wait for shift approval by Brand - Payment is transferred a week in arrears.

Your shift times need to be up to date; Clocking your shifts is your key to getting paid.

Once a shift is clocked online or through the app the Brand have 48 hours to approve or contest. If it isn’t approved after 48 hours then it will be done automatically. Money can only be transferred relating to shifts that have been approved before the cut off day, MONDAYS.

If you haven't been paid for some reason, please check here.

If you still have questions please use the "Contact Us" button below.